Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic shot put medalist shouts out for adoption

Although I agree with part of this--and I understand he was adopted at age 5 from foster care, but I have some issues with the reporting of it.  First, why is his mother called his "a mom" for "adoptive mother" and not mother--unless that is something they worked out and his "adoptive father" is just his "father"? 

I don't consider myself an "adoptive mother" or my child to be an "adopted child."  Rather I am her mother and she is my child.  She also has a biological mother and a foster mother and we created our family through adoption, but I am very careful of the labels we use in our home.  I wish the writer of this article had been as sensitive.

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  1. Apparently in prior interviews he requested that they be called his adoptive parents and that he never really connected with them and they never knew how to take care of his hair. Another reason as transracial families, the parents need to do the work.